Why Russia must be considered a rogue state

There are not only war crimes, massacres and violence, the Russian aggression against Ukraine is a full-scale act of piracy

The brutal aggression against Ukraine that began on 24 February is enough to consider Russia a rogue state. That aggression for the first time in decades brought war back to Europe.

Never mind the spiel about the Donbass war, which was also started by Moscow and the ‘Putin method’. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky was bringing calm back to the Donbass. OSCE reports testify to this. In 2021, the violence in the Donbass had claimed just 16 lives compared to 2,330 in 2014/2015. And this is what probably didn’t sit well with Putin.

Never mind also the crackpot theory that Ukraine was a Nazi state and therefore to be ‘denazified’. Even in the Azov battalion there were no more right-wing extremists than in any Western battalion. Zelensky was elected president through free elections by an overwhelming majority (real, not like Putin’s). Nothing therefore Nazi.

There was therefore no reason for Russia to attack Ukraine other than to seize Kiev’s property and territories. On closer inspection, the Russian one cannot even be understood as real aggression, but as an act of pure piracy on a large scale.

One only has to see what they did with the steel from the Azovstal steelworks, with Ukrainian wheat and corn, what the hungry Russian soldiers did during the occupation of the territories near Kiev. They looted everything and like real pirates raped women, tortured hundreds of people and slaughtered them at their leisure.

Massacres, yes, massacres of Ukrainians meticulously planned with the intention of starting a genocide. Only a rogue state acts like this. Cities literally razed to the ground with tens of thousands of civilian victims. Only a rogue state can do these things.

And when I hear that in Italy there are people, intellectuals (sic), journalists and politicians who rant because they would like Ukraine to surrender to Russia, to this rogue state, even going so far as to call themselves ‘pacifists’, nausea grows spontaneously.

One does not negotiate with a rogue state. You don’t deal with a state that through one of its highest representatives, Dmitry Medvedev, tells the West (i.e. us) that we are bastards, that it hates us and would gladly do away with us. He used the same motives that led to the invasion of Ukraine. Even then, the intention was to make Ukrainians and Ukraine disappear.

You don’t deal with a state that uses third world hunger by exasperating it by blocking grain to force the West to lift sanctions, which apparently work more than poor Salvini believes.

Let the pacifists, understand that while it is true that peace is made with the enemy, it is equally true that peace is not made with war criminals or rogue states.

As with Hitler and Nazi Germany, war criminals are fine in prison or in the ground.

By Franco Londei