Why Israel attacked Damascus airport and why Russia is furious

It is an extremely harsh attack by Russia on Israel after a raid attributed to the Jewish State hit Damascus airport yesterday, causing significant damage to the airport, prompting the Syrians to close the entire airport.

Last night (Friday), the Russian Foreign Ministry issued a very harsh statement in which it condemned the ‘vicious practice’ of Israeli attacks on civilian infrastructure, which it described as ‘provocative’ and ‘violating basic norms of international law’ (from what pulpit, ed.).

At first, the Syrian state media had denied the attack on the Damascus airport, which was also defended by Russian S-300 systems that Israel clearly continuously violates. Then in the late morning came the news that the Damascus airport would be closed for ‘technical reasons’.

Last night, ImageSat International (ISI), an Israeli satellite intelligence company, published images showing significant damage to the runways of the Damascus airport, damage so significant that it had to be closed.

According to ImageSat International, the raids completely disabled operations on both runways of the airport. Each runway appeared to have been hit three times.

According to an Israeli intelligence report, Iran uses civilian flights that it lands at Damascus airport to transport weapons and men to Syria, thus endangering civilians using that facility.

Behind this operation would be the son-in-law of Quassem Soleimani, killed in Iraq by a US drone in January 2020.

Why Russia is furious

Moscow cares little if Israel carries out raids in Syria against Iranian or Hezbollah targets. There is even an agreement between Israel and Russia regulating such attacks.

Recently, however, Israel has been increasingly attacking Syrian targets that Russia is theoretically supposed to defend. This is the second attack on the Damascus airport since the beginning of the year. This week Israeli tanks bombed Syrian positions in the Golan Heights and last Monday an Israeli air raid hit another Syrian army position just south of Damascus.

Added to this is the fact that many sensitive Syrian targets are defended by Russian S-300 weapon systems that Israel easily bypasses by questioning their effectiveness, something that clearly greatly disturbs the Russians.

In recent weeks, tensions between Moscow and Jerusalem have steadily increased due to the war in Ukraine even though Israel has not taken an open stance. However, the Russians suspect that the Israelis are helping Kiev with their powerful intelligence and the flight from Moscow of Chief Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt is not helping to calm tensions.

There is a lot of pressure on Israel to allow the transfer from Germany to Ukraine of the fifth-generation SPIKE anti-tank missiles produced by the Israeli company Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, pressure that may have had a positive outcome just in the last few hours, although there is much secrecy on the subject. Another good reason to make the Russians furious with Israel.